Through photos you can relive the important moments in your life, embrace great memories and travel back to places you visited. Photos tell about life and light brings the photos alive.

Luxnel creates with light and images the desired mood and ambience to your home or the public space. 

Light and image

Luxnel is a unique interior design solution that combines light with images. Luxnel is a custom sized light panel that casts light evenly over the whole surface. When the light shines through the image it becomes alive with vibrant natural colours and deep contrasts. The picture can be any of your liking according to the ambiance you want to create for the room or something different for a special occasion.

Easy to change

You can change the ambience and the feeling of the room by changing the image. You can change the image according to the season, for the birthday or Halloween party, into something cheerful to pep you up or something relaxing after a stressful day. You can order a new picture through the web and replace the old one by yourself in a minute.

Your own photos

Your own photos are valuable because they will take you back to the important people, moments and places of your life. With them you can create your very own personalized space, and a space that tells others about yourself. The picture can be from the happy family occasion like a wedding, your holiday cottage or holiday trip, fishing trip or another hobby or passion. If your passion is photography, what better way to display your own pictures?